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An extraordinary story

Benheart is an extraordinary story about creativity and fulfilling a dream.

Ben was born in Fes, Morocco, home to the oldest leather tannery in the world and was just a child when he arrived in Scandicci, Italy which is famous for its artisanal leather production. This is where he began to dream of creating his first leather jacket collection.

Tragedy struck ten years ago while Ben was playing football and was abruptly diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, finding himself in need of a new heart.

When all hope seemed lost, a miracle was granted via an organ donor and Ben received a second chance at life, which sparked a rebirth. He arose from his surgery with a purpose: to fulfill his dream to create artisanal luxury leather goods in birth place of the Renaissance, Florence – a city known for craftsmanship from time immemorial: Leonardo…Michelangelo…Vasari… Gucci.

Ben was reborn, full of ambition and determination and is driven by the thought that he is not only fulfilling his dreams, but also those of his donor who was not granted a second chance.

Ben's desire to share this “way of life” and style with the world, along with his tenacity and graceful intention, has driven him to success, with stores in Italy, Kuwait, Japan, and the first US store opening in late 2019.

Artisanal products 100% handmade in italy

All Benheart products are handmade in Italy, using Italian raw and processed materials in accordance to Benheart Italia’s own designs, with full authority of the manufacturing processes at all production stages.

Top quality, all-natural materials are used to create the collection and are treated according to traditional Italian artisanal processes with expertise passed down through generations.

All Benheart products are created with full respect to the rights of employees, without employing minor labor.

Benheart Italia also guarantees adherence to sanitary regulations, safety standards, and protection of the environment at all stages of production with lifetime assistance for all products.

About the benheart logo

The company embraces the name Benheart:  the logo - a key with the upper portion shaped in a heart.  The key that opened Ben’s heart and will continue to open doors for all those associated with the brand. It symbolizes a story of love, altruism, friendship, and courage.

The benheart mission

Every Benheart store is carefully designed to convey the feeling of the brand. They strive “Lavorazione Artigianale Italiana” (Italian Craftsmanship) in each product and to provide a space that truly resembles an antique Florentine artisan workshop.

Supporting the Community

Benheart supports Heart health and will honor the top Heart and Organ Transplant Doctors in 2020